Charlotte Crosby: ‘Nobody Ever Looked At Me Because Of My Weight Until I Lost It’ – EXCLUSIVE

Towards the end of last year, we had our jaws permanently on the ground as Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby showed off her seriously impressive two and a half stone weight loss.

The reality star shrunk down to a tiny and toned size eight and despite feeling a lot more confident after shedding the pounds, Charl has exclusively told us that she doesn’t think anybody ever really noticed her size in the first place.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity at the launch of her new InTheStyle range ‘Nostalgia’, the 24-year-old dished: “People are always a lot more complimentary now that I’ve lost weight, saying that I look amazing and have done well.

“But for me, a lot of people didn’t notice I’d put weight on, because I’m not the type of person who people look at because of their weight.

“A lot of people like me because of my personality, they don’t look at me and think ‘Ooh, what was Charlotte wearing?’, it’s ‘Did you see what Charlotte was saying?’

“I don’t think anyone looked at me because of my weight, which is nice.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that shedding the pounds came without its benefits, with Charl going on to add that toning up has helped her become a better fashion designer – because now she knows what it’s like to be more than one size on the spectrum.

Telling us exactly why she is now the Queen of designing, the star shared: “I never had any skintight dresses in my first range, but now I have gone all out and I have been more adventurous and done more sexy and tight things that really show off your figure.

“I like to think that there are a lot of things in my range, like T-Shirts and baggy festival dresses, that you can feel comfortable in.

“You can go out for a meal and you don’t have to feel bloated, or for people who just aren’t comfortable in those tight little dresses all the time, because I didn’t used to be.

“Now I know how to cater for everyone.”

And if you’re thinking that Chaz is the kind of celeb who lets all of her team do the hard work and just takes the credit, then you are seriously wrong, the newcastle lass dished: “I didn’t want to have no input.

“I had a very horrible range before this and I didn’t have any input in it and I wasn’t happy with it, I wanted to do my own things.

“With this one, I came up with the ideas, picked the material, went through the designs and did it all with my team.

“Having such a massive input is the thing that made me make the range; I knew that it was going to be really good.

“My range is affordable, it’s real, and it’s what people would really wear. It covers everything – something you’d wear to the corner shop, something you can take the kids to school in, something you could go on a night out in and something you can go down the beach in.

“I like to think it covers it all.”

And do y’know what? We have to agree.

Keep going with your fab self, Charlotte – we ruddy love you whatever size you are!

Charlotte Crosby’s Nostalgia Clothing Range Is Available From InTheStyle.com Now

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