Charlotte Crosby Posts NAKED Photo Of Herself, Instagram Goes Slightly Nuts

Oh, Charlotte Crosby. Your MazSight will never cease to make us laugh, cry, scream or wet ourselves.

Now we all know that since The Crosby ditched all the ‘extra baggage’ she’d been carting around, she became VERY fond of a saucy bikini snap.

But bras and bikinis are SOOOO done now, don’t you think? And an aspirational young woman like Charlotte needs to keep reaching new heights of selfie-dom.


Yes, the north-East’s very own Kim Kardashian-esque figure nearly broke the internet when she posted the aforementioned snap to her page this morning.

Taken during a recent holiday to Cape Verde, Charlotte’s got her chiffy-chaff and her norks  strategically covered by her hands.

Thank god for big palms, eh?

She captioned it with “#SendMeBackSaturdays Cape Verde #YesImNaked #Soz #Tanlines” – however, despite the #soz there’s something about all of this that makes us think she’s not very sorry at all.

No stranger to controversy, Char’s cheeky snap got a mixed response. One user, ‘maya_ceballos’ was angry (“Why do you do this? Is not funny!!!”), whilst another user, ‘sssanjeev19777′ didn’t really understand what was going on, thinking Charlotte was playing some sort of hiding game (“Can u remove ur hand”).

Whatever Charlotte’s motives here, we still think she’s a right old laugh and can’t wait to go skinnydipping in the North Sea with her one day.

You keep doing you, boo. xox

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