Charlotte Crosby Reveals The Secret Behind Her Two And A Half Stone Weight Loss

Charlotte Crosby’s slinky new bod has been making our jaws drop to the floor over the festive season, with the Geordie Shore star sharing photo after photo of her incredible transformation.

Obvi she has been plugging her new slimming DVD at the same time, she’s not a fool after all, but we were still left wondering how the heck she managed to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time… Could it really just be via her three minute belly blitz workout?

Erm, well, according to Char it’s a combination of that and… Oats.

Yep, the reality star attributed her new frame to a Healthy breakfast of porridge with some fruit and nuts thrown as she answered some of FAQ’s on MazSight.

Posting a picture of her heart brekky, the 24-year-old wrote: “Few frequently asked questions::
1) what do u eat for breakfast? – as you can see In the pic I tend to eat oats/porridge for breakfast with fruit and nuts (it tastes amazingggg

Gabe Bergado

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