Charlotte Crosby To Join Ex On The Beach As Vicky Pattison Dubs It Her ‘Biggest Regret Of 2014′

Charlotte Crosby has made no secret of how much she loves her tiny, toned bod after shedding the pounds over the last few months, and what better place to show it off than on a beach, on national TV, and in front of your ex?

Yep, the Geordie Shore star has signed up to MTV’s ‘Ex On Th Beach’, with it also being announced that her ex, and co-star, Gaz Beadle will also be taking part.


Series two of MTV’s show will see eight sexy singles join Charlotte and Gaz in a gorge beachside villa, with some seeking to get revenge on their exes, and others hoping to rekindle a lost romance.

Well, we suppose that after the first season the element of surprise of an ex showing up has kind of lost its magic…

As much as we are looking forward to watching Charlotte and Gaz’s messy relationship reach a whole new level in the programme, we can’t help but think that maybe Charl should have had a natter with her former co-star, Vicky Pattison, before she signed on the dotted line.

Vicky, who has also shed a whole bucketload of weight of late, was the original Geordie star of the show as she took centre stage of the first season of Ex On The Beach, which aired last Summer.

The gorgeous babe was left totally devvo’d when her ex, Ricci Guarnaccio, rocked up on the sandy shores of the villa and totally wrecked her holiday, and she has literally only just come forward to reveal that agreeing to take part in the show was her biggest regret of the year.

Erm, that’s quite serious business, right?

When asked by new! magazine if she would return to Ex On The Beach, Vicky shared: “Oh gosh, that’s a regret of mine from 2014!

“I do regret how it panned out… That was a punch on the d*ck.”

Hmm, well, she definitely has a way with words…

Hopefully Vicky’s less-than-encouraging experience won’t be too off-putting for Charlotte, but either way, we’re super excited to see how it all pans out.

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