Charlotte Crosby’s Birthday: Her Best Bikini Instagram Pics

She’s worked hard to get the body she wanted.

So it’s no surprise Charlotte Crosby is keen to show off her figure on MazSight with a bikini selfie or seven, from holiday fun times to before and after comparisons.

As the ‘Geordie Shore’ star celebrates her 25th birthday, we’re celebrating with her best bikini selfies.

1. Charlotte’s Bikini Body Confidence

“tan lines but #3minutebellyblitz got me bikini ready, my 1st holiday in the sunshine not wanting to cover up ☀ #NoFilter #BodyConfident bikini @bahimibeachwear”

Charlotte was never more thrilled with the results of her 3 Minute Belly Blitz than on her hols.

The reality TV star celebrated her new-found body confidence in March 2015, and had got the bikini pose down pat with one leg strategically placed in front. Bikini selfie fans, take note.

2. Charlotte’s Bikini Love

“this bikini tho @asos_studio”

Charlotte’s certainly got a lot of love for two pieces.

Here she is in February 2015 showing her appreciation of this bikini. We reckon there’ll be plenty of peeps appreciating Charlotte *in* that bikini.

3. Charlotte’s Bikini Practice

“Love feeling body confident now thanks to http://amzn.to/1FJJN3X cannot wait to go on hols and wear all my insane new bikinis ☺ #3MinBellyBlitz #StartNow #BeANewYou”

You know how it is. You’ve bought your holiday outfits and can’t wait until you actually get to your destination to try them on, so you have a little dress up session at home.

Charlotte’s just like us, donning her swimwear at home in the depths of December 2014 while dreaming of sunnier shores.

4. Charlotte’s Bikini Before And After

“Started from the bottom now I’m here ☺ never wanna go back to how I was before seeing photos like this keep me motivated to see how I did it follow my diet and fittness plan http://amzn.to/1FJJN3X #TrainInsane #3MinuteBellyBlitz #Determination”

A before and after collage is an essential part of any celeb’s workout DVD promotion.

And Charlotte knows the rules, sharing these side-by-side pics of the results of her diet and Fitness plan. The collage went up in December 2014 for the post-Christmas celeb fitness DVD rush too.

5. Charlotte’s Naked Bikini

“#SendMeBackSaturdays Cape Verde ☀ #YesImNaked #Soz #TanLines”

There’s bikinis, and then there’s tan lines that look like bikinis but are in fact just bare naked flesh.

In April 2015 Charlotte shared a throwback pic to her hols in Cape Verde where she seems to be wearing a pale bikini a first glance, until you realise that is her actual nude bod. Oo-er.

Keep sharing the bikini selfies Charlotte, and we’ll keep admiring your body confidence.


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