Cheryl Admits To Sending Louis Walsh Nasty Text Messages As She Slams Him For ‘Backpeddling’

Let’s get one thing straight, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Fernandez Versini have never pretended to be bezzie mates who have sleepovers and braid eachother’s hair, in fact, they’ve made it pretty ruddy obvious that they really, really can’t stand one another…

…But that doesn’t make this latest twist in their long-running feud any less shocking, if we’re being honest.

After Chezza took massive offence to Lou-Lou calling the singer “lazy and irrelevant” as an X Factor judge, the 65-year-old music mogul did a bit of a 180 as he claimed that their ‘frenemy’ status was “all fun and games” and that there is “no nastiness”.

Which, as it happens, isn’t entirely true.

Shock horror.

Taking to her MazSight page to share a screenshot of a recent article that included Lou’s newest quotes about her, 31-year-old Cheryl quipped: “


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