Cheryl Cole *ahem* V-F Goes On Rant About Cheaters At X Factor Auditions

Sounds like it certainly hit a nerve.

Cheryl Cole *ahem* Versini-Fernandez went off on one about the questionable morals of cheaters at yesterday’s X Factor auditions in London.

It all kicked off when Simon Cowell was talking to an auditioning boy band and asked them whether they were ‘concealing’ girlfriends.

Firstly, what does that even mean? Like, did he think they had they smuggled a few in under their coats?

However, rather than mull this over Mrs V-F interpreted this to mean were they faithful boyfriends and the question prompted a one woman monologue about adultery.

We can only imagine at this point Cheryl’s subconscious took over and she launched into a massive rant about the perils of infidelity.

“Simon was asking if they were hiding secret girlfriends,” an audience member told The Sun, adding:

“Cheryl just leapt in and said that if they were they mustn’t cheat on their lovers. She left them in no doubt she was deadly serious. It raised a few eyebrows, because everyone knows what Ashley Cole put her through.”

Ashley Cole famously cheated on Cheryl with numerous women while they married between 2006 and 2010.

As well as sending women selfies of his white y-fronts, he also reportedly threw up in one of the lucky lady’s handbags before demanding his driver go get him a McDonalds.

No wonder Chez is struggling to etch it from her memory…

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