Cheryl Cole And Louis Walsh Booed At X Factor Auditions After Producers Help With Their Decisions

It’s all kicked off and possibly not in the way producers had hoped.
Cheryl Cole And Louis Walsh Booed At X Factor Auditions After Producers Help With Their Decisions
By MazSight

Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh were booed at X Factor boot camp after producers were seen whispering in their ears during auditions prompting some of the audience to get up and walk out.

The crowd were convinced that the judges were being told what to say and started jeering and booing before the auditionee had even finished her song.

They grew even more firstrated when after their little pep talk both Louis and Cheryl had both ‘changed their minds’ about the fate of some hopefuls.

The spokesman explained what happened saying: “As part of the Six Chair Challenge the judges have to decide who they take through to Judges Houses.

“Until all acts in their category have sung and the judge has declared that they have chosen their final 6, each judge is able to change their minds and bring back anyone they have removed from a seat at any stage.”

Ian Royce, who comperes the live audition stages, was heard pleading with audiences to “give them a chance” adding “what you are doing is vile”

Cheryl later told Royce “You’ve got some balls” for taking on the 5,000 strong crowd.

He then defended himself onstage saying: “This act don’t deserve that booing, this is there opportunity so you give them the same respect you’ve given every other act tonight. This is their big moment make sure you give it to them!”

Fair enough, we are sure you would agree.

However, they didn’t listen and were booing once again when Louis Walsh put through a duo called Blonde Electric over a clearly, far more talented group.

Although, to be fair it all subjective and they are trying to make an entertainment show. Aren’t the dodgy acts why we love X Factor?

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