Cheryl Cole Blasts X Factor’s Rival, Strictly Come Dancing, Ahead Of Tonight’s Ratings Battle

It’s the battle of the reality shows!

Cheryl Cole, sorry, we mean Cheryl Fernandez Versini (that will never become easier to say) has voiced her opinion on the Strictly Come Dancing Vs. X Factor ratings battle, and she did not hold back.

The 31-year-old popstar has slammed the BBC One dancing show by basically saying that it’s just a bunch of celebrities dancing around.

According to Chezza, X Factor has more at stake as the winner gets an actual, life-changing record contract whereas on Strictly a celeb just gets a glitter ball trophy.

Each to their own though, eh Cheryl?

Mrs. Fernandez Versini said of the two shows: “I’d always choose The X Factor as we are giving people an opportunity they could never have.

“As much as Strictly is an entertainment show, it’s celebrities dancing and then at the end of it someone gets a glitter ball.

“At the end of The X Factor someone gets the chance of a lifetime.”

But still, it’s not necessarily guaranteed to work out for the winner at the end of The X Factor, is it?

Just ask previous winners like Steve Brookstein and Joe McElderry. And Shayne Ward. And Matt Cardle. And Leon Jackson. Heck, even James Arthur to an extent.

We bet that they wouldn’t say no to a dazzling, glitter ball trophy right about now.

Cheryl isn’t the only X Factor judge to let rip at Strictly, who have opted to go in on a ratings battle with the ITV show by airing at the exact same time.

Simon Cowell has previously made his views perfectly clear to us, saying that the BBC’s tactics are “aggressive” and “competitive”.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity at the official X Factor launch, Simon said: “I don’t pay too much attention. I mean, they are incredibly competitive with us.

“They say they’re not but they are and we just found out that they put the show head-to-head with us which is quite aggressive and they did this in the past and I always say it annoys me because I think it’s not what the viewers want.

“It becomes a ratings battle and I think the public lose out.”

But despite the fact that Strictly has pummelled The X Factor with its viewing figures over the last few years, Simon reckons that he’s not actually worried.

He told us: “I don’t worry about the ratings. What we do is try and make a better show than them and I think you need that kind of incentive so you don’t become complacent about everything.

“But looking at the early shows I’ve seen I think we’ll do really well.”

Fighting talk from Mr. Cowell!

Round one of the official battle for ratings kicks of tonight at 8pm, with The X Factor on ITV and Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One.

Who will YOU be watching?

Personally, we just need to decide which one we will Sky+ and watch straight after.

Sunday night = sorted.

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