Cheryl Cole Does Ice Bucket Challenge, Looks Amazing And Nominates Liam Payne – YAY

We knew that it wouldn’t be long.

Cheryl Cole swifly accepted Simon Cowell‘s Ice Bucket Challenge nomination, and of course she managed to look ridiculously fit whilst doing so.

Yep, even after having a bucket of icy water dunked over her head Chezza remained a vision of perfection.


Clearly having psyched herself up for the ice-cold shower, the 31-year-old gave her nominations (which we are VERY happy with), before shouting, “DO IT!” – Presumably before she had a change of heart.

The singer screeched as the water hit her and concluded her cheeky video saying, “I hope you’re happy” and pulling a face at the camera.

Nice one.

Not only did the newly-wed Geordie throw herself into the challenge at hand, she also got into our good books by nominating One Direction’s Liam Payne, Piers Morgan, and Nicola Roberts.

As excited as we are about seeing Piers Morgan potentially get drenched, we have to admit that it’s a Liam video that we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for.

And if Louis Tomlinson takes on Niall’s nomination from yesterday, that will be three out of the five 1D lads to have rocked the wet T-Shirt look.

Quick, somebody nominate Zayn and Harry PRONTO.

It is for charity after all.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has already raised millions of pounds for The ALS Association, a US charity for Motor Neurone Disease, and has had literally dozens of celebs taking part to both make a donation and raise awareness. 

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Cheryl Cole is the first of a very giggly Simon Cowell’s X Factor themed nominations to do the challenge, with us refusing to lose hope that Louis Walsh and Mel B will soon follow suit.

Cheryl’s video also serves to dismiss any speculation that she is pregnant with her first child, after the rumour mill went to overdrive earlier today because she was posted a photo that saw her in a bit of a chunky knit.

Yep, that was literally all it took to kickstart pregnancy rumours.

A chunky knit.

So to all those still wondering if Cheryl is pregnant with new hubby Jean-Bernard’s baby, we’re guessing that the fact she just poured ice cold water over head most likely serves as a no.

Duly noted, Cheryl, thanks.

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