Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking – HAPPY FRIDAY!

We trust we’ll be doing a similar thing by the end of this evening.
Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking - HAPPY FRIDAY!
By MazSight
Here is a video of Cheryl Cole *ahem* Fernandez-Versini upside down twerking against a wall. Just well, because.

The vid was posted courtesy of her PA Lily England who decided to give fans a behind the secenes sneak peak of what she and Chez get up to in her breaks between filming.

“The real behind-the-scenes of Crazy Stupid Love… @misscheryl was set the challenge to vertically twerk upside down girl done good!!!!” she wrote alongside the cute vid.

Excellent bum action Cheryl, top marks!

Type of thing we are sure you would have got up to on your hen night – HAD YOU BLIMMIN’ WELL HAD ONE!

We really thought Cheryl Cole would have done the traditional thing and had a proper hen do with her girls before at least ONE of her Wedding celebrations.

Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking - HAPPY FRIDAY!
By MazSight

However the newly married wife of Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini has confessed that there was no clucking for her.

Speaking on Radio 1 yesterday afternoon after she helped regular presenter Greg James run his afternoon show (including getting him to upside down twerk TOO – see below), the Geordie goddess simply said “no” when asked whether she’d had a hen do.

She then, rather cleverly tried to divert the topic onto ACTUAL HENS. Yep we know you don’t have any feathery birds in your backyard, luv.

Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking - HAPPY FRIDAY!
By MazSight

Chez pretty much managed to avoided all personal questions – we noticed Greg tried to ask her if she was in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ with her French husband.

But she just scooted past and started gushing about the track. WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

She did however give us a tiny insight into her personal life – and let’s face it, she’s definitely not the one putting the bins out.

She told Greg: “I don’t do admin, that’s not me. Don’t call up EDF? No.”

And talking about what she’s been doing in her down time recently she told him: “I sit in my pjs watching TV, flicking through the channels. Watching Scandal, a lot of cups of tea, a lot of biscuits, a lot of doggy love.

“I had lots of private time, went away and partied with friends, stayed with my sister a lot, played with their kids.”

Meanwhile Jean FV couldn’t keep his hands of his new wife Cheryl ahead the launch of her perfume Storm Flower last night.

The 31-year-old ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ singer was snapped by onlookers as she and her hubby engaged in some PDA of the French varierty.


As ever the X Factor judge didn’t dissappoint in the outfit stakes for the launch, arriving in a stunning champagne coloured gown with lace embellishments.
Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking - HAPPY FRIDAY!
By MazSight

We can see why Jean-Bernard couldn’t keep his hand off her.

Speaking to the Mail Online about the perfume, Cheryl admitted that she had always dreamed of bottling her very own scent.
Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking - HAPPY FRIDAY!
By MazSight

She said: “It’s like every little girl’s dream. When I was a kid, I used to create perfumes with my sister so I’ve been obsessed even from a young age.

“I always liked to smell fresh, clean and floral. This fragrance makes you feel feminine and elegant. I’ve been working on this from scratch – everything from the scent to the bottle design. I didn’t want to just put my name to a fragrance.”

Speaking of names, it was revealed yesterday that poor old Peter Dixon (Mr Voiceover from the X Factor) will have to be announcing Cheryl’s new surname when she is introduced  to the stage with her fellow judges.

It’s like Rachel Adedeji all over again.

He told Capital Radio: “I had a phone call a few weeks ago from the producers to tell me who the new judges were. Cheryl Cole Upside Down Twerking - HAPPY FRIDAY!
By MazSight

“They said, ‘It’s Cheryl’, and I said, ‘Oh that’s fine, she’s back’, and they said, ‘No but she’s changed her name, she’s married Jean-Bernard and she wants to be know by his second name, so can you start practising?’ So I have been… not very successfully!”

Best of luck with that one, Peter.

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