Cheryl Cole’s Marriage To Jean-Bernard Versini-Fernandez Isn’t Even Official Yet

Just WHO needs SEVEN names anyway?

Newlywed Cheryl Cole has been told by Caribbean officials that they are having trouble registering her marriage to new hubby Jean Bernard Versini-Fernandez because of his crazy long name.

Y’see he has seven.

With SEVEN names, we repeat, SEVEN names, Caribbean officials sent back the marriage documents because they just didn’t seem legit.

With Jean-Bernard Justin Antoine Aime Bastien Thierry (*AND BREATHE*) written on the documentations they have said they just “Don’t understand why there are so many names.”

Maybe it’s a French thing?

A clerk told The Sun: “We need to know the spelling of his names before we can process the documents and register the marriage.”

The couple have been asked to get in touch to clarify his full name because they just can’t believe the length of it.

(And that’s what she said…Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

So while everyone is going crazy about this secret celeb Wedding, we all need to HOLD FIRE as it is not yet registered officially.

Meanwhile, the pastor who married Cheryl has also spoken out saying that although the wedding was lovely and all that he had NO IDEA he was marrying an international popstar.

Marrying the two stars on 7th July at Mustique’s Macaroni Beach, Pastor Devon R Ollivierre said to The Mirror:“They seemed very in love, the atmosphere was incredibly captivating”.

“It was like a church ceremony on the beach. They seemed very in love the way they were reacting in front of me. The vows were short and at the end of the ceremony they kissed, there was a lot of passion.”

Ollivierre also claimed that he wouldn’t have gone ahead with the nuptials if he’d known she was divorced England footie star Ashley Cole.

Er, do you not READ Yahoo Celeb Pastor Devon?!

However this little – or should we say BIG secret – was kept on the down low and the day ran smoothly while being kept low profile and private.

“I came to understand she was a singer but I didn’t know who she was. She told me she just wanted something modest,” Ollivierre told The Mirror.

So it’s great that Chez got her fairytale wedding however, we just hope she manages to make it official ASAP. Even if that means JB has to drop a couple of names.

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