Cheryl F-V Rips Into Louis Walsh At X Factor, Says He Has ’50 Faces’

They might LOOK friends here but…

The artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh aren’t exactly er, best mates. This we know.

And yesterday at X Factor boot camp it proper KICKED OFF between the two judges.

Cheryl lost her cool, lashing out at poor old Louis – saying that she thinks he has about ’50 faces’.

Her comments came following a performance at the Wembley X Factor auditions where Louis told a hopeful to ‘work on his faces’ after he pulled some rather interesting ones during his audition.

Er, Aiden Grimshaw, are you back?

Nevertheless, during his constrictive criticism Mrs Fernandez-Versini jumped in telling Lou to ‘work on his instead’. BURN.

At which point Mr Walsh replied: ‘I’ve only got one!’ to which Chezza bit back: ‘Yeah, and the 50 others!’.


It as previously been reported that Cheryl didn’t even want to sign up for the show if Louis was involved after her band Girls Aloud DROPPED HIM as their manager.

At the time Louis said: “I didn’t enjoy working with Nadine, Kimberly, Nicola, Sarah or Cheryl either.”

“They were hard, it’s hard to get them to get on well. They all pretend to get on well on the outside, but underneath it they all want to be the skinniest, go out with the most famous footballer, be in the middle of the pictures and all that.”

Cheryl has since admitted that things between herself and Louis are ‘frosty’. Yep, you can say THAT again!
Cheryl F-V Rips Into Louis Walsh At X Factor, Says He Has '50 Faces'
By MazSight

It’s also believed that Mel B has been seated in between the pair to provide a sort of Scary Spice shaped buffer.

Hmm and here we were starting to think it was all a big load of panto dreamed up in the head of a certain Simon Cowell.


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