Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Defends Her Marriage And Slams The ‘Sexist’ Music Industry

To be perfectly honest, our love for Cheryl Fernandez-Versini knows no bounds. Whether it’s charity Cheryl (donating £95,000 to Comic Relief), L’Oreal Cheryl, or even just ‘hating on Louis Walsh’ Cheryl, we love them all equally.

Or so we thought, until we realised that FESITY Cheryl is perhaps the greatest incarnation of the hairspray and novelty specs enthusiast – particarly when she’s slamming sexism in the music industry, not giving a damn about what people say about her marriage.

What a woman, eh?

Speaking to The Telegraph’s Stella Magazine, Cheryl sat down for one of those proper ‘I’ve got a lot of stuff to say, so just shut it and let me have a rant, babe’ interviews.

And boy did she have a lot to ‘spout’ – it’s also very sweary, which to be honest we just find very endearing (especially when it’s in a Geordie accent).

On her marriage to the ever-sexy Jean-Bernard, the ‘Only Human’ warbler made it crystal-clear that she didn’t really give two-hoots about people saying she rushed into  getting married, and she’s not going to be filling people in on what happens at home any time soon either:

“You hear so many stories, don’t you? People who have known each other two weeks and they’re together for 75 years, people who have been together six months and they break up. So there’s no right or wrong.”

“I have to have something that’s for me. I’m aware that everybody wants to know what the eff is going on, but I’m not going to say anything, for my sanity.”

Fair play, Chezz. Guess we’ll have to make-do with the odd MazSight snap of your Wedding ring or birthday surprises from now on, then?

Anyway, after shutting down all husband chat, the singer took aim at the music industry – and OH MY DAYS did she have a pop.

Revealing that she’d met numerous “ar**holes” during her time in the industry, (obviously not Simon Cowell because they’re best friends now, guys) she admitted  that she was treated badly at the beginning of her career, and was treated like ‘an object’.

Hitting out against the sexism that she sees in the record industry, the former Girls Aloud-er and now bona fide pop princess let rip about sexualisation in a business that’s dominated by ‘older men’:

“The music industry is dominated by men behind the scenes. And older men, too. Sexy and all that is great to an extent, but you shouldn’t have to sexualise yourself to be selling music.”

“Sometimes it’s just unnecessary. If you’re dressing sexy, there’s a way to do it. If you are going to be explicit with your lyrics, dress differently. It’s a bit much at the moment, I feel. And I get women who say, ‘Why should men objectify me? Why can’t I go naked?’ Yeah. Do whatever you want. I just feel some of it is insincere, which is a little bit sad.”

Got any names there Cheryl? You know, just as a point of reference for us? No?

“The music industry is f***ed to be honest with you. Everyone is competing in the same lane. F*** off, I’d rather be in my own lane.”


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