Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Facts: 28 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheryl

Whether you’re a diehard Soldier (that’s the name of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini‘s fanbase, in case you didn’t know), or are just partial to the odd Cheryl fact or two, we’re pretty sure you know all there is to know about the Geordie singer.

Or DO YOU? Interesting.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Facts: 28 Things You Didn't Know About Cheryl
By MazSight

Considering she’s been in the public eye for thirteen years now, we reckon we know a heck of a lot about Cheryl’s private life.

But at 31-years-old, there’s probably a load of stuff even the most dedicated of you Soldiers didn’t know. And if you did, it’s always good to have some trivia to bring out when a conversation runs dry.

So, considering she’s one of our biggest women crushes in the world, we’re gifting you with 28 facts about the nation’s sweetheart that you can treasure forever. You’re welcome.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Facts: 28 Things You Didn't Know About Cheryl
By MazSight

Here’s 28 less-known Chezza facts:

1. As well as appearing in adverts for Eldon Square and SCS Furniture, Cheryl was in a British Gas advert aged seven with her younger brother Garry. Looking after her world from an early age, obviously.

2. The Geordie gal comes from a big family, with two brothers (Garry and Andrew), a half brother (Joseph) and one sister, Gillian. She also has a half-sister called Mercedes.

3. The first record she bought was Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. We’re not even joking when we say DITTO.

4 Cheryl has admitted in the past that she used to bring injured pigeons home to help them get better. Bless her. Doubt her parents enjoyed that, though.

5. Cheryl’s previously shown off photos of her as a little ballerina, but did you know she went to the Royal Ballet’s Summer School aged nine?

6. She was born on June 30, 1983 in newcastle Upon Tyne. She grew up in council estates in neighbouring estates.

7. The first concert Cheryl attended was Steps. JEALOUS.

8. Cheryl was once a restaurant waitress, which is weirdly where a lot of popstars these days started. We clearly picked the wrong first job.

9. She had a cameo as a talent show judge in ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’.

10. She’s previously named Beyonce amongst her fave singers and says Britney Spears was her biggest musical inspiration as a teenager. GIRL POWER.

11. Cheryl has been winning awards for being a total beaut for years, with her modelling awards including Boots’ “bonniest baby,” Best Looking Girl of Newcastle, World Star Of The Future modelling contest winner, Mothercare’s Happy Faces Portrait competition and, of course, Most Attractive Girl at the MetroCentre.

12. Before *that* toilet attendant incident, she once got suspended from school for two weeks after swearing on a bus. Shame the person who used to chew their snack in our ear throughout our entire bus journey never got the same punishment.
13. Cheryl was once voted ‘Britain’s Toughest Woman’ by Maxim magazine beating the likes of serial killer Rose West. Erm, well done?

14. Cheryl is said to have 12 tattoos, including that infamous rose on her derriere which took 55 hours to do. OUCH. We’re already wincing with the thought of that pain.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Facts: 28 Things You Didn't Know About Cheryl
By MazSight

15. She sung S Club 7′s ‘Have You Ever’ in her first Popstars: The Rivals audition. A fine choice, if we do say so ourselves.

16. Cheryl was the first gal to be told she’d made it into Girls Aloud back in 2002. We think we remember shouting in excitement.

17. Cheryl’s first husband, footballer Ashley Cole, apparently proposed in Dubai.

18. She pursued her passion for street dancing in the ITV show ‘The Passions Of Girls Aloud’. She was good too, FYI.

19. Chezza’s fave food used to be sushi, until he was diagnosed with being intolerant to soya. Sad times. Her favourite foods are now Burrata Mozzarella, Sunday Roast, chinese. She also has a massive sweet tooth.

20. Cheryl’s secret Wedding to Jean-Bernard allegedly cost £390,000, which makes us want to cry.

21. Girls Aloud hold the record for the fastest time between a band forming and their single reaching number one. Well, they ARE worth it.

22. When she appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice back in 2007, she was the only one not too chicken to call Simon Cowell and ask for money for charity. That deserves a medal to be honest.

23. Her parents sometimes struggled to make ends meet when she was younger, but for her 18th birthday, she was treated to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for £5. Sounds pretty ruddy good to us!

24. 7.2 MILLION people tuned in to watch her on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories in 2010.

25. She started The Cheryl Cole Foundation in 2011, which aims to help young people in the north West of England.

26. Cheryl’s middle name is Ann, which with her maiden name (Tweedy), makes her initials spell cat. But that’s not really important. Sorry.

27. Cheryl has admitted that she’d be a Justin Bieber fan if she was 15 again.

28. Cheryl has a phobia of cotton wool. Yep, really.

So, there you go. A whole bunch of Cheryl trivia for you, because we ruddy love her.

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