Children In Need 2014: S Club 7 Reunited And It Was INCREDIBLE

So basically A LOT of incredible things happened on Children In Need last night, but nothing was more important, influential and mind-blowing (soz Sir Terry Wogan) than the return of the one, the only…S Club 7.

Yes, that’s right, perhaps the greatest septuplet in the history of all music EVER returned to not only our screens, but also our hearts last night – as they reunited AS A SEVEN for the first time in yonks.

A seminal moment in the lives of every British millennial, we’re sure you’d agree. And didn’t they do just swell, boys and girls?

Proving that their really is no party like an S Club party – Paul, Rachel, Jon, Hannah, Bradley, Jo and Tina (who could forget TINA?!)  wowed the viewers at home, performing a quite frankly electrifying medley of hits, including ‘Bring It All Back’, ‘S Club Party’ and ‘Don’t Stop Movin’,  that had us all ‘Reach’-ing for the stars.

Children In Need 2014: S Club 7 Reunited And It Was INCREDIBLE
By MazSight

(OK, we’ll try and reign in these awful puns guys).

Of course the Twitter-sphere was ablaze with nostalgic twenty-somethings going absolutely mental over the whole affair, but the celebs were out in force too -  with McFly’s Harry Judd VERY excited for the return of Rachel Stevens (even if she forgot to sing the word ‘moving’).


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