Chloe Moretz Finally Confirms If She’s In A Relationship With Brooklyn Beckham – About Time!


Chloe Moretz  has AT LAST spoken out about those Brooklyn Beckham rumours after a cheeky caller phoned into an American talk show and asked the actress outright.


Coy Chloe immediately blushed and exclaimed, “That’s a naughty question!”

No it isn’t, Chlo – It’s a great question.

The 17-year-old then went on to finally (kind of) confess what the dealio is with her and the oldest of the Beckham brood, saying: “I don’t know, he’s a very good guy and he’s a good person – I enjoy hanging out with him.”

Which we would consider to still be kind of mysterious if her bright red face and girly ‘I have a crush’ giggles didn’t give her away.

The host tried to help the actress out by asking if she just didn’t want to put a label on it.

Unfortunately for Chlo, her sheepish reaction and ever-growing red flush suggested that they definitely have put a label on it, but she still tried her luck and opted to respond with “maybe” rather than “YES WE ARE TOGETHER, DEAL WITH IT.”

Chloe also proved that it isn’t just Brooklyn who she is getting close to from the Beckham clan, going on to say: “Victoria Beckham is an amazing person, I really admire her work ethic and honestly, I love her line.

“As a family they’re awesome people.”

Ugh, tell us about it babes – we’ve been trying to get them to adopt us for years now.

Chloe was then asked another need-to-know question; if she’s hanging out with Brooklyn does she get a discount on Victoria’s fashion label?

Well, apparently she hasn’t tried that trick yet but she said she was going to give it a go this week.

So… She’s definitely seeing the Beckhams this week then? 


Chloe and Brooklyn kept us guessing about their relationship for months, but we pretty much took their relationship as a given a couple of weeks ago when Chlo revealed that she “loves Brooklyn’s passion”.

But prior to that we did reach the conclusion that the two definitely weren’t dating after Chloe was papped holding hands with old flame, Julian Moraes, who she got all smoochy with back in January.

We ignored the whole ‘Brooklyn doing the supportive boyfriend thing at Chloe’s premiere’ evidence, we ignored the ‘attending the Teen Choice Awards and going on skateboarding dates together’ evidence. We even ignored the fact that the two went to an Ed Sheeran concert together.

But then the pair threw a spanner in the works over Labour Day weekend when they were papped together backstage at the Made In America festival, which, by the way, is the very same festival that Beyonce and Jay Z chose to publicize their love in a very major way - so there was obviously something romantic circulating in the air that day.

Whilst Brook and Chloe weren’t *quite* as into the old PDAs as Bey and Jay were, they still kept very close to eachother throughout the day, which did make us wonder.

And then we had Chloe actually discussing Brooklyn in her interviews, using the L word, and saying that she “enjoys him”… Whatever that means.

Now that her flushed cheeks have practically done an impersonation of a beeteroot at the mere mention of his name, we can say with almost complete certainty that they are deffo in a relationship.

See, that wasn’t so hard to say was it guys?

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