Chloe Moretz Says That She ‘Loves Brooklyn’s Passion’, They’re TOTES Dating


Chloe Moretz  has once again added fuel to the ‘are Chloe and Brooklyn Beckham dating’ fire in her latest interview.

Speaking to Teen Vogue the actress said: “What I find really interesting about Brooklyn, and what I really love about the kid, is that he is passionate about what he wants.”

Did she just use the L word??


But in the words of Brooklyn’s famous mother, Chloe, tells us what Brooklyn wants what he really, really wants.

“He wants to be a pro-soccer player,” she continues, “He’s very serious about it. And I enjoy someone who is on my level with the seriousness kind of thing.”

Brooklyn Beckham wants to follow in David Beckham’s footsteps and become a professional football player??

You learn something new every day.

You don’t become a pro-footie player by attending film premiere’s, fashion shows, and VIP gigs, Brook, surely your dad told you that?

Chloe and Brooklyn have been keeping us guessing about their relationship for months now, and we really can’t keep up.

Back in August we reached the conclusion that the two definitely weren’t dating after Chloe was papped holding hands with old flame, Julian Moraes, who she got all smoochy with back in January.

We ignored the whole ‘Brooklyn doing the supportive boyfriend thing at Chloe’s premiere’ evidence, we ignored the ‘attending the Teen Choice Awards and going on skateboarding dates together’ evidence. We even ignored the fact that the two went to an Ed Sheeran concert together.

But then the pair threw a spanner in the works over Labour Day weekend when they were papped together backstage at the Made In America festival, which, by the way, is the very same festival that Beyonce and Jay Z chose to publicize their love in a very major way - so there was obviously something romantic circulating the air that day.

Whilst 15-year-old Brooklyn and 17-year-old Chloe weren’t *quite* as into the old PDAs as Bey and Jay were, they still kept very close to eachother throughout the day, which did make us wonder.

And now we have Chloe actually discussing Brooklyn in her interviews, using the L word, and saying that she “enjoys him”… Whatever that means.

We’re calling it, they’re together.

There, we have made it official on their behalf – they can thank us later.

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