Chloe Moretz Spotted With Ex Julian Moraes – We Guess She Isn’t Dating Brooklyn Beckham After All

Poor Brooklyn.

Chloe Moretz appears to have put an end to the rumour that she is dating Brooklyn Beckham for once and for all. 

The day after appearing to invite poor Brooks to the LA premiere of her new film, If I Stay, the Daily Mail has papped Chloe holding hands with old flame, New York student Julian Moraes.

And we warn you now, it’s the romantic ‘interlocking’ type of hand-hold, not the usual sloppy teenage boy stuff. 

The pair were pictured smooching eachother back in January, when a fan twitter account of the young actress managed to get their mitts on a selection of polaroids, which show Chloe kissing Julian, alongside a whole lot of heart emoticons and lovey dovey hashtags.

Before that Chloe shared a picture of the mystery non-Beckham guy on her MazSight page, with the caption: “Happy 18th Birthday to the cutest guy ever!! @jmoraes7 everyone wish him a happy happy Bday he deserves it! Xoxox”

xoxo AND kissing? Well, that leaves no doubt that they were definitely a couple.

Now that the old flames have been papped together recently, and that they’re *gasp* holding hands, suggests to us that 17-year-old Chloe is into men slightly closer to her own age rather than younger, even if the younger one does come as a result of the strongest gene pool in the world. 

Julian being back on the scene must no doubt come as a blow to 15-year-old Brooklyn, who was probably excited at the prospect of dating a slightly older lady who is not only ridiculously pretty but also stupidly talented and successful.

The two were rumoured to be dating for around three months, following skateboarding dates, Teen Choice Award get-togethers, allegedly taking spinning classes togeher, and Brooklyn showing up at Chloe’s premiere earlier this week.

However, it is looking as though she might only like him as a friend after all.

Brooklyn doesn’t appear to be entirely devvo’d by the brush off though, as he and his family have been making the cutest Ice Bucket Challenge videos all  this week.

Just yesterday Victoria shared videos of Brooklyn helping to empty the bucket over her and his youngest brother, Cruz’s, heads.

If drenching your mum and little brother with ice cold water doesn’t help you get over a girl then nothing will!

There’s plenty more fish in the sea, Brook. 


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