Chris Brown ‘Shot At’ During Pre-VMAs Party In LA

Thankfully, he escaped uninjured.

Chris Brown was ‘shot at’ during a pre-VMAs party in Los Angeles last night.

The 25-year-old is believed to have been the target of an unknown gunman who managed to sneak a gun into the party being held at 1oak in LA.

Despite being shot at, Chris was reportedly seen jumping on top of the bar to get the attention of the door staff to try and alert them to what was going on.

Chris has since spoken out on Twitter about the incident saying how it ‘disappointed him’.

Music  producer Suge Knight was also invoved in the incident and was rushed to hospital at around 1:30am last night.

The founder of Death Row records was seen leaving the club clutching his side after being hit with two bullets – one in the arm and one in his stomach.

In video footage captured from inside the club  four shots ring out before cries to ‘get down’ can be heard as much of the club cowers on the floor.

Police then rushed to the scene and the club was quickly evacuated. 

A girl was later seen leaving the party covered in blood and it’s believed the shooting has left two other victims in hospital.

One witness wrote on Twitter: “Literally can’t believe what I just witnessed. Someone tried to fire shots at Chris Brown at 1oak. Speechless.” 

The game and Justin Bieber had also been at the party earlier in the night however, had left before the shooting occured.

The suspected gunman has been detained while police question witnesses on what they saw happen inside the club. 

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