Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge is WAY Better Than Yours and All Your Mates’ Put Together

The biggest charity fad to sweep celeb-land since the #nomakeupselfie, every celebrity and his dog has taken it on.

But 35-year-old Chris Pratt has officially won the battle of the celebrity ice bucket challenges.

Gone are the days of sponsored silences and cake sales, instead we have people dunking ice cold buckets of water over their head to raise awareness for ALS, or Motor Neurone Disease as it is more commonly known on this side of the Atlantic. 

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As hilarious as it has been to watch major name stars such as Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift get drenched in freezing cold water all in the name of charity, Guardians Of The Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt, has come along and pretty much trumped every Ice Bucket Challenge video to come before him.

His unique response to being challenged by Robert Downey Junior and Disney CEO Bob Iger sees Chris down two mini bottles of ice branded vodka before his wife, Scary movie actress Anna Faris, and mum make a surprise, and ice cold, appearance. 

Literally the only way that this video could get any better is if he was wearing a white T-Shirt á la Harry Styles in the rain in Washington D.C. 

Chris nominated his Park’s and Recreation co-star, Nick Offerman, to do the Ice Bucket Challenge next, who adorably tweeted Chris to say that he accepted but asking for the rules – which Chris was more than happy to provide:

We CAN’T WAIT to see what Nick is going to come back with!

Other fave reactions of ours include Taylor Swift’s adorably, erm, shrill recoil:

And Kris Jenner reacting more from a splash of the icy cold water than Kylie did to the entire bucket being dumped on her head: Got to love how Kyls kept her chic sunglasses on throughout – style before practicality, yeah?

But still, nothing can beat Chris downing the vodka before getting unceremoniously drenched not once, but twice, in icy cold water.

You go, Chris!

And can we nominate One Direction?


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