Christina Aguilera Buys Everyone In Starbucks A Coffee And Poses For Selfies With Fans

You know how it is, you’re sitting in Starbucks and drinking a coffee when megastar Christina Aguilera strolls in, buys everybody in the building a drink, signs their cup, and poses for selfies.

Yeah, that has never happened to us either, but for some lucky fans in New York City that fantasy is a reality that actually occurred yesterday afternoon.


Proving how entirely lovely and brilliant she is, Christina couldn’t have more time for her fans if she tried, as she patiently took photos with everybody in the shop and bought them all coffee.

One lucky fan was Steph Tsang, who had just so happened to treat herself to a cuppa as actual Xtina entered the shop, and before long had a selfie with the star and a signed Starbucks cup to keep as a memento of her day.

And post on MazSight, obvi.

Captioning the selfie, Steph wrote: “I just met @xtina bbaahhh #christinaaguilera

She then uploaded a video of the big-hearted star signing autographs and posing with fans, this time writing: “#christinaaguilera showed up at #starbucks and bought everyone coffee!


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