Christina Aguilera’s Baby Shower Featured An ‘Awesomely Graphic Vagina Cake’ – How Er, Delicious?

Some things should NEVER be crafted in icing and we think this is one of them.

Christina Aguilera’s baby shower reportedly featured an ‘awesomely graphic cake’ of a vagina giving birth and the words ‘Push Xtina, push’.

How er, delicious and… instructional.

Over 50 of Christina’s nearest and dearest are reported to have been at the bash when the cake was presented to her.

It is believed to have been a baby’s head – at the point of exit – which even featured tufts of hair. Extra points for attention to detail.

We gave these cakes a search and are frightened to inform you that it probably looked a little something like this delightful creation:

However, if you weren’t in the mood for vagina cake then luckiy, there was also reportedly loads of other grub on offer as well as some super cute baby-themed mocktails.

Guests could choose from drinks with names such as Baby Bellini, Mommy Moonshine, It’s Almost Time and Pink Cheek.

The perfect accompaniment to any slice of foof cake we are sure.

Apparently, according to our colleagues over at Yahoo! Lifestyle, ‘vagina cakes’ are ‘all the rage’ at baby showers in the US…

We just hope they don’t become a ‘thing’ over here anytime soon. America has given us a lot, yes, but vagina cakes are one thing they can keep.

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