Christina Aguilera’s Birthday: Her Most Beautiful Instagram Pics

She sings about being beautiful, no matter what they say.

And Christina Aguilera shares plenty of beautiful shots on MazSight, whether she’s dolled up on TV or stripping it right back and baring all to celebrate her baby bump.

As Christina celebrates her 34th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most beautiful pics.

1. Christina’s Baby Bump

“Baby girl getting first listen to what mama’s been creating in the studio.”

N’aww is there anything more beautiful than a mum-to-be cradling her baby bump?

Christina shared this shot of her pregnant belly in August 2014, just before the birth of her daughter, Summer Rain Rutler.
2. Christina’s Natural Look

“Happy 1st Day of Summer! Keep those lips hydrated! @eosproducts #mint #summersolstice”

Christina can trowel on the slap with the best of them, but I reckon she looks even more beautiful when sporting the more natural make-up look, like in this shot from June 2014.

The singer was celebrating summer with a lip balm (as you do) and looking all fresh faced and pretty.

3. Christina Bares All  

“A huge thanks to my “glam fam” @KristoferBuckle & @DavidBabaii for adding your personal magic to such a beautiful day & shoot I will cherish forever. @BrianBowenSmith – I couldn’t appreciate you & your team more for bringing to life such an epic shoot. Giving me the freedom to bare my soul & body at this incredible, magical, transition time in my life. #Grateful”

So there’s baring your minimal make-up face, and then there’s THIS.

In Hollywood tradition, Christina stripped off to celebrate her pregnant body in this shoot from August 2014. How sweet is her caption about baring her soul and body at that “incredible, magical” time.

4. Candid Christina

“#TeamLittleGirlsWithBigVoices before show w/ Jacquie Lee. #TheVoice”

Christina shared a candid shot from backstage at ‘The Voice’ in America wrapped up in a towel as she prepared to go on stage with her ‘little girl with a big voice’ Jacquie Lee.

5. Christina’s Cuddle

“Baby loves NYC ❤“

Aw Christina was glowing with happiness when she posed for a shot with fiancé Matt Rutler (and her baby bump) in New York in April 2014. Love that snugly pose.

Keep sharing your beautiful moments Xtina, and we’ll keep cooing.

Darlene Hildebrandt

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