Christmas The Kimye Way: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Buy North A $50K Tiara And An SUV

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are set to break the bank when it comes to Christmas presents this year, as they have reportedly spent over $60 thousand on north West.

Kim has claimed in the past that she doesn’t want to spoil North, but it seems like her husband Kanye West has different ideas to his wife, as he’s apparently going to spend a whopping $60 thousand on just two of North’s presents.

Kanye has reprotedly gone gaga over his one-year-old daughter’s presents this year, and has even bought her a diamond-encrusted tiara to play dress-up with!

A source told Heat magazine: “He went totally OTT and bought her a diamond-encrusted tiara, so when she plays dress-up, she’ll be a real princess.

“He’s hoping she’ll treasure it for all of her childhood years. It’s probably worth about £50k, at least.”

Yeah, because every toddle needs a DIAMOND ENCRUSTED tiara to play dress-up with!

But the splurge for Nori’s presents hasn’t ended there, as the 37-year-old rapper has also bought his daughter an exact copy of his matte-black SUV – even though she seems happy enough running about on her own two legs.

And the insider revealed that the pimped out baby car isn’t exactly cheap either, saying: “He also got her one of those baby cars – an exact copy of his matte-black SUV. He thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, and it’s cost him around £10k.”

It’s certainly not the clapped-out Nissan micra with a fetching coat of rust that a lot of people get as their first car, and North will only be driving it around the house (well we’re hoping she won’t be on the roads just yet).

However the festive spending spree doesn’t end with North, as Kanye also has Kim to buy for – a task that was never going to cheap and thrifty if we’re all honest.

The Yeezus rapper has a whole host of designers on speed-dial though, so Kanye has commissioned a ton of one-off fashion items for Kim.

“For Kim, he’s got specially commissioned designer clothes, shoes, bags, and jewels, too. Well, actually he asked his stylist to do it,” the source claimed.

So that’s the ladies in the West household sorted when it comes to Christmas, but apparently Kim has a little more trouble finding gifts for Kanye.
Christmas The Kimye Way: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Buy North A $50K Tiara And An SUV
By MazSight

The 34-year-old finds it hard to buy for Kanye as he has such err…distinct tastes, but she has managed to get at least one special gift for her hubby – a chain which will have a very special message from North inscribed on it.

Awww! Because what’s Christmas without a bit of sentimental bling ey?

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