Claire Richards Has Been Showing Off Her Drastic Weight Loss For A Year, Actually

The world has been getting into a bit of a frenzy over some new pics of Steps star, Claire Richards, strolling down the street on a shopping spree looking much more slender than she used to be… Over a year ago.

Yep, the 37-year-old slimmed from a size 20 to a size 8 positively yonks ago, with a variety of personal and pap pictures proving that her slim shape is certainly nothing new for 2015 – but massively impressive nonetheless.

The mum-of-two is famed for her yo-yo dieting, and has shared that she is adamant to keep the weight off this time around,with a source telling The Sunday People: “Claire is determined to keep the weight off this time, not just for her but for her growing family.

“She’s fed up of being on an emotional rollercoaster about her weight.

“She is now eating healthily and adamant she will continue that lifestyle.

“She’s annoyed that her weight has defined her.”

Well, by the look of things she is managing to keep the weight of just fine, and a massive kudos to her for achieving it.

Because bloomin’ heck, we know how hard it can be.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant spoke about her dramatic transformation during an appearance on Loose Women last year, sharing: “I just really want to set the record straight because I’m not bringing out a Fitness DVD, I’m not doing some miracle diet, I don’t have the secret to weight loss and staying slim.

“I clearly haven’t because I’ve been up and down so many times, if I did then you would never know about the struggles that I’ve had all my life…

“This time I’ve deliberately tried to keep it under the radar… I haven’t talked about it at all until today…”

She also revealed that there was a more personal reason for her weight loss, adding that she and her husband, Reece, want to have another baby:

“My husband Reece and I – we decided that we want to try for another baby and me being overweight was causing us a lot of problems so I went to see the doctor and he advised that I lose weight.

“So that is the one and only reason why I have done it this time.”

Eek, will we be hearing the teeny, tiny STEPS of another mini Claire soon?

How exciting!

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