Cody Simpson: ‘The Politics Of Mainstream Record Labels Frustrate Me, I Refuse To Conform’ – EXCLUSIVE

He might be just eighteen years old, but Aussie babe Cody Simpson has enough experience under his belt to know exactly what he wants – and he isn’t afraid to show it.

After finding fame back in 2010, Cody was signed to major record label, Atlantic, and started to carve a successful music career for himself – even supporting Justin Bieber on his european tour in 2013.

However, the starlet was unhappy with the direction that his career was going and decided to take hold of the reigns himself… And boy, has he come back fighting.

Cody made the brave decision to become an independent artist last August, leaving his label and getting to work on his fifth studio album, aptly named ‘Free’.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity about his newest venture, Cody explained: “My new album name is very symbolic for my new found creative independence and going independent as a musician.

“I was frustrated by the politics of it all before and being independent is a much better route, although I’m very grateful for the opportunities I had before.

“I’m just happier now that I know my new music isn’t being compromised and tailored to pop conformism and for radio.”

See? We told you he had a bloomin’ wise head on his shoulders.

Despite taking his music in a totally different direction, Codes’ isn’t worried about alienating his old fanbase with his new sound, telling us: “I’m not worried, I trust my spirit and I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.

“I think my music is easy to like because it’s feel good and acoustic. I had more control over the lyrical content and can talk about whatever I like; life and the environment.

“I want to encourage my fans and I trust their spirits and I’m hoping to inspire my audience. I want to make music that people connect with.”

Well said, babes, well said.

With the teen getting ready for a new European tour, he wants to let his fan know exactly what to expect, sharing: “I’m playing some cool rock clubs and I want it to be like you are just jamming with bands.

“It’s a loose and intimate experience, like a campfire experience. Music sounds better live.

“Concerts have turned into being about flashing lights and screaming, I want fans to relax and take it all in.”

Sounds pretty dreamy if we’re being honest – you get the marshmallows and we’ll start work on that campfire.

Cody Simpson’s tour will be hitting London, Manchester, and Birmingham in May 2015 – For more information, and to nab some tickets, check out www.codysimpson.com !

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