Coleen Rooney Says She Would Love To Try For A Baby Girl With Wayne Rooney

We hear a potential pitter patter.

Coleen Rooney has revealed that she wants another baby with her husband Wayne Rooney.

Well, they’ve certainly had the time to try since England were kicked out the world Cup about a million years ago. Yeah, still not quite over it.

Anyway, back to happy baby news…

Speaking about her future plans for fertilization the 28-year old said: “I’d love another boy but a girl would complete the family.”

We’re predicting a bit of a Victoria Beckham from this one and reckon that Coleen won’t stop until she gets her pink bundle. Better get cracking, Wayno!

Coleen also talked about her current brood saying that Klay and Kai really ‘keep her on her feet’. A handy place for all humans, we are sure she would agree.

“They’re great, they keep me on my feet,” she said. “Klay is growing up fast – I don’t know where the year has gone!”

However, before you get all carried away and start imagining a Rooney answer to the Kardashians with all those ‘K’s’, think again.

Would Coleen stick with the ‘K’ trend and name her daughter a ‘K’ name like her sons?
In a word, no.

“No. I’ve never thought of anything beginning with K for a girl,” she said.


Not even for us, Col? We’d write about them ALL the time, we promise.

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