Conor Maynard’s Birthday: His Funniest Faces Instagram Pics

He’s got one seriously handsome face.

But Conor Maynard isn’t afraid to contort his features into weird and wonderful facial expressions and share them with his social media followers, whether he’s tired, excited, sad or giving out kisses.

As Conor celebrates his 22nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with his funny faces MazSight pics.

1. Conor’s Tired Face


You know how it is. Your alarm’s gone off and you need at least another hour (or three) in bed, but international pop star duties beckon. Or a day at the office. Whatevs. Getting up early is not fun.

Conor did his very best tired face in August 2012. The poor love can barely keep his eyes open.

2. Conor’s Sad Face

“My time off is almost over :(”

Just like getting up early, having to return to work after Christmas is not anyone’s favourite thing.

And Conor expressed his sadness at the prospect of getting back to the daily grind after some much-needed time off with this cute little pouty picture at the beginning of January 2013.

3. Conor’s Excited Face


Do you reckon Conor likes an advent calendar? What gave it away?!

It’s clear from those screwed up eyes and those hands clutching the chocolately goodness that Conor LIVES for 1st December to roll around every year. He was particularly excited in this 2012 shot.

4. Conor’s Devastated Face

“So… @dclinaburg… @carlin_white… its the end of the road for us for now… I think we’re handling it well.”

After touring the good ole U S of A, Conor was pretty upset to be facing the end of the road in September 2012. He even roped in his pals to show the full extent of his devastation.

5. Conor’s Tooth Brushing Face

“Brush your teeth kids, and you’ll live forever… ok that’s not true, but people will like you more :)”

We don’t often get access to our fave celebs when they’re doing mundane normal things, but Conor was happy to let his fans into his bathroom to watch his tooth brushing routine in November 2013.

Eyes closed, eyebrow arched; that’s the facial expression we’ll be adopting when tooth brushing.

Keep sharing your funny facial expressions Conor, and we’ll keep LOLing.

Ethan Anderton

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