Dan Osborne has a massive willy: HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!

Don’t say we don’t break the stories that matter.

Dan Osbourne reckons he has a massive willy.

Yes, we know it’s early but it’s the news, OK?

In an interview with Attitude magazine the TOWIE star managed to jump from the subject of tattoos to the size of his babymaker.


“I’ve had tattoos since I was 18 years old. I might get the odd couple more, but I’ll probably leave it for a while,” he offered.

To which the cheeky mag asked whether he would ever consider a tat down south:

“Probably not [down there], the pain would be unbelievable and, of course, there ain’t enough ink to do the job,” he answered.

Makes us blush just thinking about it.

And Dan sounds pretty impressed with his bod – saying how he has no complaints.

He added: “I’m quite happy with my muscles. I’d like ‘em a bit bigger but I’m fine with ‘em. And I’ve already got a big d**k!”

However, while the 23-year-old hunk is happy with his body, he admits he would be reluctant to bare all and won’t be participating in a full-frontal photoshoot any time soon.

Dan mused: “I’d be alright with [doing a full-frontal photo shoot] but I don’t think my agent would really appreciate me doing it. But am I confident with what I’ve got down there? Yeah, very confident.”

We do hope this isn’t a case of thou dost protest too much!

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