Daniel Radcliffe ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Being Naked’ – His Words, Not Ours!

One naked straddle of a horse and he’s totally obsessed.

Daniel Radcliffe reckons he just ‘can’t get enough of being naked‘. 

Yep, nudity is Harry Potter’s new thing, people.

He famously whipped off his pants for Equus and then again in his new flick, What If – prompting reporters to ask at a screening last night – does he just sign up for roles as an excuse to give his bits an airing?

At which point Dan confirmed: “I just can’t get enough!”

Alas, the spoilsport wouldn’t name any names when asked WHO he would love to do a particularly nudey scene with in the future.

He said he wouldn’t name anyone for fear of the headlines: “Honestly, I have no answer for that. I know that if I say that it will be like, ‘Dan Radcliffe wants to do a nude scene with so-and-so.” 

smart thinking, D-Rad (is that a thing?).

However, he was quick to follow up with a quick explanation to ensure that his quotes don’t get taken wildly out of context and portray him as some sort of crazed amateur nudist.

Daniel says while nudity is an obvious bonus – there are other factors OBVIOUSLY that come into play when he is picking roles.

“Nudity immunes you to any inhibitions. It’s, not something I seek out but never something I’m going to shy away from.”  

Now stop imagining Daniel Radcliffe naked and get on with your lives.

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