Danielle Lloyd Admits She Has An Alcohol Problem Following THAT Las Vegas Video

She says she just doesn’t know when to stop.

Danielle Lloyd has opened up about THAT argument in Las Vegas saying that she has since realized she ‘has a problem with alcohol’ that she needs to address.

Last month footage was leaked which showed Danielle involved in a row with other holidaymakers in Las Vegas culminating in her husband Jamie ‘O Hara having to physically remove her from the situation.
Danielle Lloyd Admits She Has An Alcohol Problem Following THAT Las Vegas Video
By MazSight

In an interview with OK! magazine she has explained that she was ‘so drunk she can’t even remember it’ and her regret waking up and realising what had happened.

“I felt terrible the next day, I woke up thinking: ‘What the hell happened?’. I’ve got three kids, that shouldn’t have happened. The worst part was when my cousin ran into the room and said: ‘Get out of bed, you’re all over the internet!’. I’m a Mum and I don’t want my boys seeing that footage,” she said, adding:

“I don’t think I’m an alcoholic because I don’t wake up wanting a drink, but I do have a problem with alcohol. When I’m drunk people can’t control me, I push them away and won’t listen – that’s the scary thing when I have a drink.”

However, despite admitting that her drinking gets her in to trouble she says she doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon even though she is on medication which advises not to drink while taking it.

“I would, but I’d be lying to myself because it’s such a social thing. I love going out and having a glass of wine, so why would I stop? I just need help to realize why I get SO drunk. It’s embarrassing and I don’t want to embarrass Jamie and the kids. I’d like to drink in moderation but I can’t which worries me. I drink and drink and don’t know when to stop.”

 “In January I started taking 25mg of Prozac every day for depression – it leveled me out me out and I’m in a better place now but I shouldn’t drink on them, so it obviously isn’t OK.”

Yeah, we think a stint on the apple juice might be in order for a little while Dan. Just to give your liver a bit of a rest.

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