Danielle Lloyd Defends Instagram ‘Weight Gain’ Photo, Shares: ‘I Hardly Think I’m Fat’

Danielle Lloyd has come forward to defend THAT super-skinny selfie that she shared yesterday morning to complain about gaining weight.

The mum-of-three has hit back at the whole load of criticism she received for posting the snap by saying that she doesn’t actually think that she is fat, AKA it was just an excuse to show off her super sexy bod.

Taking to Twitter last night, 31-year-old wrote: “Can i just point out my pic of me this morning was obviously sarcastic ive put on 3lb this Xmas & I hardly think am fat people need to chill.”

Erm, yeah, it was SO OBVIOUSLY sarcastic…

After all, she is famous for her humour… Erm, right??

In case you missed all the #dramz, don’t worry – we are here to fill you in.

The super-slim gym bunny decided that her legions of MazSight followers simply needed to see a now-deleted snap of the star in her undies, alongside the caption: “Ok so I put on a bit of weight over Xmas, back to the gym on Monday.”

Needless to say, the post didn’t go down spectacularly well, with many of her followers accusing her of attention seeking and promoting an unHealthy body image.

Evangeline_xxx wrote: “Just lost a little bit of respect for you for saying you put on weight… you still have a tiny figure”.

Another user, lancilou, asked Danielle where she thought she’d put on the weight: “…On your ear? You look incredible, don’t be hard on yourself. It gives the wrong message to impressionable girls who look up to you”.

Hear, hear, lancilou! (There were a lot more comments here, but we decided not to post them as they were just too flippin’ rude – what would your mother say, eh kids!?)

So what do you reckon? Was Danielle’s post a desperate bid for attention or just a dash of that sarky humour that she is SO OBVIOUSLY famous for?

Hmm, we don’t think that you need to be a brain surgeon to work THAT one out…

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