Danielle Lloyd Gets Criticised On Instagram For ‘Promoting An Unhealthy Body Image’

She’s GOTTA be kidding – right? Danielle Lloyd, AKA probably one of the slinkiest women we’ve ever laid eyes on, has been sending the people of MazSight into a fury this morning after she posted a picture of herself where she complained that she’d put on ‘a bit of weight over Christmas’.

And we have to say – WHAT BIT, EXACTLY DANIELLE? You’re skinnier than a Maccy D’s French Fry, love.

The picture shows Danielle standing on her tippy-toes (a feat we ACTUALLY can’t manage after Christmas – we tripped over Grandma’s shop-mobility scooter in the garage when fetching the turkey), and showing off a very skinny frame wearing nothing but a smile and her underwear.

Needless to say, the post didn’t go down spectacularly well , with many of her followers accusing her of attention seeking and promoting an unHealthy body image.

Evangeline_xxx wrote: ‘Just lost a little bit of respect for you for saying you put on weight… you still have a tiny figure’.

Another user, lancilou, asked Danielle where she thought she’d put on the weight: ‘…On your ear? You look incredible, don’t be hard on yourself. It gives the wrong message to impressionable girls who look up to you’.

Hear, hear, lancilou! (There were a lot more comments here, but we decided not to post them as they were just too flippin’ rude – what would your mother say, eh kids!?)

Perhaps Danielle was just having a joke though, right?

Who knows – either way, we’re about to defrost our Gregg’s Steak Beak from yesterday and invite Miss Lloyd round for a ‘let’s sit on the sofa, binge on carbs and not go to the gym’ day – we think we could do with one.

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Neil Weinberg

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