Danielle Lloyd Shares Cute Instagram Video Of Sons Following Jamie O’Hara Split

It’s been a tough few weeks.

Danielle Lloyd has shared some adorable videos of her three sons, saying that they are the ones keeping her smiling.

In the videos her children, Archie, 4, Harry, 3, and 11-month-old George can be seen dancing around the room in their pajamas while Danielle laughs from behind the camera:

It looks as though Danielle is really showing her love rat hubby what he is missing with her happy family life.

The 30-year-old model kicked husband Jamie O’Hara out of the family home following cheating allegations.

Danielle was left heartbroken after an anonymous girl sold her story to the Mirror, saying that she slept with Jamie in his marital home while his mates cheered them on from the other side of the door.


Shortly afterwards another girl came forward and claimed that she too had slept with Jamie, but this time in America.

Danielle jetted off to Dubai with the couple’s three children soon after the allegations came to light but upon her return she has kicked Jamie out, with a source revealing: “She has done nothing wrong – and Jamie did the decent thing and agreed to move out.

“He has not been at the house for the last week, and knows he would not be very welcome there at the moment.”

Too right. 

Danielle has remained relatively tight-lipped about the whole saga, but she did take the time out to post this depressing poem on MazSight after pictures emerged of Jamie leaving a nightclub with lipstick on his face (seriously, can he get any lower?):

The CBB star appears to be focusing all of her energy into being a bloomin’ brilliant mother to the couple’s three sons, posting adorable snapshots of her children that show us exactly where her priorties are.

No doubt in a slightly snide dig at his scorned father, the proud mother shared this adorable snap of baby George with the caption: “Just said mummy for the first time”


Danielle has also taken the time to complete her Ice Bucket Challenge nomination over the weekend:

Showing off her amazing body in a vest and shorts, Danielle nominates Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch, and Helen Flanagan before her two eldest sons lend a helping hand in throwing the buckets of water over their mummy.

With children this adorable, who needs a lowlife cheating footballer for a husband anyway, eh?

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