Danielle Lloyd Tells Pals That She’s Leaving Jamie O’Hara – For Good


Danielle Lloyd has reportedly been telling her pals that she’s leaving her husband Jamie O’Hara – for good.

Reports emerged last week that former footballer Jamie, with whom she has had three children with, had allegedly had sex with another woman at the couple’s home, following a night out with friends.

And only a few days after THOSE revelations came out, ANOTHER woman came forward, and claimed to have been with Jamie whilst he was away in the United States.

What a charmer, eh?

According to The Mirror, Danielle said she felt ‘totally ¬humiliated’ and fled to Dubai for a well earned escape.

A source close to the model said that: “Jamie is groveling and doing everything he can to try to win her back, but she’s having none of it. She’s so angry and is sticking to her guns – she feels totally humiliated and isn’t going to be seen as a pushover.”

“He clearly feels guilty, but it doesn’t look like his apologies are going to be enough. She feels totally betrayed and is determined to come out of this with her dignity.”

We say good on Danielle – sometimes groveling just ain’t enough, OK?!

The source also said Danielle was also furious with Jamie’s pals, who knew about his apparent cheating but didn’t intervene: “It’s not just Jamie she feels let down by. The trust in the ¬relationship’s been shattered.”

And with all that’s gone on in the past week, we’re not surprised.

Danielle’s agent didn’t comment on the alleged cheating claims, and said that the former model and mum-of-three just needed some ‘space’.

And we certainly hope she’s getting that in Dubai.

Chin up, girl!

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