Danielle Lloyd’s Husband Jamie O Hara Accused Of Cheating On Her In The Marital Home

She’s said in the past she’d ‘cut his bits off if he cheated’.

However, today Danielle Lloyd’s husband Jamie O Hara has been accused of doing just that in their shared house with a girl he picked up in a nightclub last weekend.

Telling her alleged story to the Sunday Mirror, the girl said: “He told me they weren’t together.”

Hmmm, OK but surely the fact it was DANIELLE’S HOUSE would have been a surefire giveaway?

The woman claims that they went back to the couple’s marital home with a bunch of his mates who cheered them on from behind the bedroom door.

“Danielle’s stuff was all over the place and they were clapping him like he was some kind of hero,” said the woman. “They were applauding a man with three kids for cheating on his wife.”

“I know what I did was wrong and I regret it now. But I’m single and I was drunk and fancied him. He lied to me. He said they had split up. The worst thing is he showed no remorse.”

The timing of the girl’s claims couldn’t be worse after just yesterday Danielle debuted her new tattoo – an inking of her husband’s name on her ribs.

Danielle Lloyd's Husband Jamie O Hara Accused Of Cheating On Her In The Marital Home
By MazSight

Jamie, 27, is believed to have picked up the girl and her friend at a Birmingham nightclub last weekend while Danielle, 30, was away in Liverpool.

“He was out with three friends and came over telling us we were gorgeous. He said ‘you’re amazing, please come back to my hotel’. We knew he was married but he told us he and Danielle had broken up,” she told the paper.

After taking them back to a hotel after the nightclub he is then reported to have invited them and his friends back to his house.

“Inside his house there were pictures of Danielle and the kids all over the place but he just didn’t seem to bother about his wife,” she said.

Danielle has said in past interviews that she would never stay with Jamie is he strayed and that he would be ‘kicked to be kerb’ immediately.

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