Danielle O’Hara Shows Off New Intimate Tattoo For Her Husband

Well that’s love for you, right there.

Danielle O’Hara has been showing off her brand new tattoo, dedicated to her husband Jamie.

Well, after the time they’ve had recently, we can see why she might need to be doing a bit of groveling.

Proudly displaying some skin, Danielle proved what a keen eye for fonts she has, and captioned her latest post: ‘Love my new tattoo dedicated to my gorgeous hubby Jamie love him so much #forever’.


Alas however, things haven’t been quite so bright and rosy in recent months for the family. The O’Hara clan have been on a ‘WE’RE REALLY HAPPY AND SOLID, OK?’ charm offensive in recent weeks after Danielle was caught boozing around Vegas  being a lairy mare – and have since been posting lovey-dovey messages on MazSight, and getting ‘caught off guard’ exercising together in the park.

Danielle recently admitted she’s been working harder than ever to get her body back in shape after baby no.3, George, was born last year – making Archie, three and Harry, two, big brothers.

She told Reveal: “People who have babies will know how difficult it is to get back into shape. Everything changes – the skin on your tummy get loose, you get stretch marks, and you’ve got bigger hips because they’ve moved.

Danielle O'Hara Shows Off New Intimate Tattoo For Her Husband
By MazSight

“But I don’t ever want to be stick thin. It’s nice to have curves, because it’s what real women have and I’m proud of my figure and my babies … Exercising has made me feel so motivated and it releases endorphins. So it’s been fantastic really.”

Danielle also took the time to credit Jamie for helping her achieve her goals and overcoming postnatal depression, adding that the pair are still BFFs.

She added: “We’re best friends really. We tell each other everything, we know how to have fun and we do stuff together all the time.

Danielle O'Hara Shows Off New Intimate Tattoo For Her Husband
By MazSight

“I know a lot of men like going out with their friends, especially footballers, but Jamie’s a real family man. He loves his kids so much and he’s not one to go out a lot.”

The former glamour model recently told OK! Magazine that she’s currently struggling with some issues with alcohol following the drink-fuelled row the pair had in Vegas.

She told the mag: “I don’t think I’m an alcoholic because I don’t wake up wanting a drink, but I do have a problem with alcohol. I become too friendly.

“James says, ‘When you’re not drunk you’re Danielle O’Hara and when you’re drunk you become Danielle Lloyd, and I don’t like it.’”


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