Danniella Westbrook Could Move To Liverpool After Being Left Homeless In London

Troubled actress Danniella Westbrook is considering a move to Liverpool after losing her home in London.

The former Eastenders star sensationally revealed she was homeless due to financial trouble two weeks ago, and it seems that Danniella thinks that a move up north could be the easiest route to getting a roof back over her head.

This week 41-year-old was spotted in Walton, Liverpool, looking at houses to rent – the area is close to where scouse soap Brookside was filmed, and is said to be one of the cheapest areas to live in the UK.

The prospective move is just the latest twist in the star’s housing drama, as Danniella was forced to quit Twitter after recieving a cosntant stream of abuse since she declared she was homeless and living in sheltered accommodation.

The actress announced her departure from the social networking site over the weekend, writing: “Coming off of Twitter as the constant abuse & people wishing me dead is tipping me over the edge.

“Have a good Christmas all . ❤”

Just hours before that message, Danniella – who is a recovering drug addict – had taken to Twitter to beg the horrible trolls to leave her alone, saying: “The person who’s  tweeting  me telling me to go & o.d and do my kids a favour this Christmas. Please stop its really evil at this time.”

Like, seriously, what is actually wrong with people?

To be honest, it has been a massively rubbish year for Danni and just last week she found herself having to defend being papped with shopping bags in her hands, including one from Joey Essex’s store ‘Fusey’, with many cruelly accusing her of going on a spending spree despite pleading poverty.

After getting a whole load of nasty tweets sent her way, Danniella wrote: “Ashley the pap in brentwood hope u enjoy the money from the pictures I wasn’t shopping as you know!

“Now I’m taking Abuse 4 taking my kid out.”

She then had to keep on justifying taking her thirteen-year-old daughter to meet the TOWIE star, and in a series of tweets and replies she explained that she hadn’t actually spent ANY money and kind-hearted Joey had gifted her daughter with presents:

She also had to slam claims that her daughter was being taken away because she’s “not coping,” writing: “stop with this slander.”

Ooft, can everybody please just leave the poor woman alone?!

Things could be looking up for Danniella though, as it seems that things are back on between her and toyboy boyfriend Tom Richards.

The 24-year-old confirmed that both he and the actress are favouring a move up North, tweeting: “Tbh we both think up north is 4us tbh! [sic]“

Well here’s hoping 2015 treats Danniella better than this year has.

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