Danniella Westbrook To Retrain As A Carer – But She’s NOT Turning Her Back ON Acting

Danniella Westbrook‘s had one hell of a year, but finally it seems as if her life’s getting back on track – hurrah!

And after finding herself homeless and moving into sheltered accommodation earlier in 2014, the former EastEnder has now revealed that she’s now training to become a carer for the elderly.

Bit of a 180 on the career front, but what a nice thing to learn to do, eh? But fear not Sam Mitchell fans – she hasn’t turned her back on acting 100%.

The 41-year old took to Twitter to fill us all in on her new plans: “Applying for a course to become a care worker for the elderly .. Retraining at 41 is quite exciting. #NewBeginnings #StillActingToo.”

Hear that, BBC – STILL ACTING. Fingers crossed for a possible Sam Mitchell return, hmm? (With Grant coming along too, obviously).

Hinting that work had dried up a bit, Danniella went on to explain her reasoning for the career change, tweeting: “Well can’t sit here waiting to act, so I want to do a carers course, will do acting as and when it turns up. I like 2 b busy & help others x.”

To say that Danniella’s 2015 has been stressful is a bit of an understatement -

Back in January, it was reported that she’d been left shaken after her ex, Tom Richards,  collapsed on her doorstep having consumed a dangerous mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol.

The 41-year-old had the police called after she and Tom became embroiled in a vicious row, however, the 24-year-old’s potentially lethal consumption saw him be rushed to hospital, leaving Danniella “horrified”.

Danniella Westbrook To Retrain As A Carer - But She's NOT Turning Her Back ON Acting
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A source told the Sunday People: “Danniella was ­absolutely horrified. Their relationship has been very fiery.

“She finally had the strength to end it properly but Tom is making things very difficult for her.

“She has enough problems of her own, having lost her home recently. She has children to care for and provide for.”

Well, here’s hoping that this new career gives Danniella the fresh start she needs, eh?

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