David Beckham Had A £250k Star-Studded 40th Birthday Bash And It Looks EPIC

So as if David Beckham joining MazSight and sending us bed-side selfies wasn’t enough to make us want to join his famous family on their holidays, Leytonstone’s finest only went and had the best birthday party EVER yesterday, and it looked friggin’ AMAZING.

David jetted his family and friends off to Marrakesh for his 40th birthday, where they stayed at the six-star Amanjena Hotel – the same place where the former footballer and his fashion designer-come-pop star wife Victoria renewed their vows in 2004.

Oh and yes, you read that right – SIX STAR. Who even knew this was a thing? What happened to a nice night out in the country and staying in a recently renovated Travelodge for your 40th, eh?

According to The Sun, the Beckham’s hired snake-charmers and belly dancers for the event, and even roped in their pal Gordon Ramsay to cater for the whole thing.

Lets just hope Gordon wasn’t having any Kitchen Nightmares yesterday.

The whole thing was reported to have set the family back £250,000 (!) – but when you’re earning tens of millions every year, it’s probably no big deal, right?

David, Victoria, and son Brooklyn were kind enough to upload a shed-load of snaps to MazSight yesterday, filling us in on all the goings on and also making us want to cry with jealousy.

After hanging out with the kids during the day, David and Victoria ditched the kids and went to party with the grown-ups during the evening, inviting all their bessies – including Eva Longoria, Guy Ritchie, Liv Tyler, Claudia Winkleman and THE ACTUAL SPICE GIRLS.

‘Kooky’ magician David Blaine was also there last night, presumably wowing the room by sitting in a perspex box for the evening and looking a bit haggered (is that still his ‘thing’, or has he moved on to card tricks?)

Either way, a pretty good showing, no?

A party ‘insider’ also told the newspaper that security had been bumped up in the city for the night – with armed police patrolling the perimeter of the hotel and setting up road blocks outside.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, an entire army barracks was put on standby ‘just in case’.

Yes, it may sound excessive, but if you’re David Beckham you can pretty much do what you want, can’t you?


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