David Beckham Was In A Car Accident With Son Brooklyn, And Twitter Has Gone Crazy


Fans across the globe were left concerned yesterday when news broke that David Beckham and his eldest child had been in a car accident.

David had just picked fifteen-year-old Brooklyn up from a football game at Arsenal’s training ground when his car collided with another vehicle.

Thankfully both Beckham boys were able to walk away totally unscathed, although his car was more than a little bit worse for wear, with Arsenal staff having to usher onlookers away from the wreckage as Goldenballs and Brooklyn got driven away in another car.

A source close to the family said: “They were shaken. It was quite a heavy prang at quite a speed but everybody walked away uninjured.

“Everybody’s fine. Thankfully the car’s airbags deployed.”


Despite the fact the hunky 39-year-old is totally okay, his millions of fans across the globe still seem a little bit shaken by it, and have taken to Twitter to voice their panic:

Xeni Jardin

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