David McIntosh’s ‘Cooking Is S***’. Kelly Brook Hits Back.

The dramz has continued to kick off this weekend following the couple’s split on Friday night.

And after David McIntosh‘s open letter to Kelly Brook to explain that he’s really sorry and madly in love with her etc., KB seems to be having absolutely none of it.

Speaking through David’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah Haper, who initially sold her story to The Sun, Kelly branded David’s cooking as “s***” and labelled him “mean”.

Stern words.

According to The Sun today, Sarah claims Kelly texted her again to say: “[He's] a needy insecure man that will never treat a woman right …. His cooking in s*** too. I won’t miss any of it, we both deserve better. He used you and me.”

Sort of awkward after all of this….

Yesterday, Sarah claimed Kel had been sending her abusive messages throughout her relationship with David because of his closeness to his ex.

Sarah also claimed that David had taken drugs with her and spent the night with her – all while still with Kelly, which obvs sparked chaos and led to Kel splitting from the 28-year-old beefy model.

Kelly, 34, had obviously gotten wind of the story set to go to press on Friday, tweeting that she and David’s engagement was off – which is thought to be the first he heard about the break-up.

And while she has publicly remained relatively quiet on the issue – heading out with friends and tweeting snaps of herself in bed instead – texting the girl who initially leaked her texts has made her feelings on the split very clear.

She apparently told Sarah: “I’m happy you came forward because he deserves everything that’s coming to him.”

Kelly is also said to have insisted that she wasn’t in love with David and that she had suspected that he was cheating “for months” after finding incriminating messages on his phone.

Meanwhile, David claims he has a “clear conscience” following the split, insisting he has done nothing wrong and is – in a flashback to everyone’s childhood’s – “not angry, just very upset”.

David broke his Twitter silence yesterday when he tweeted the token “There are two sides to every story” claim, which one half of a split couple will always end up coming out with at one point or another.

He then soon followed up with by retweeting an actual open letter, discussing the Sarah Harper accusations and protesting his total innocence.

Claiming that he is “not angry, just very upset” about the allegations, macho David goes on a one-man attempt to clear his name of any guilt by pulling at the reader’s heartstrings with a pretty impressive sob story.

“I became friends with Sarah Harper 7 years ago but only properly began spending time with her after going through a very traumatic break-up with my son’s mother,” the letter begins, “before I began dating Kelly, I can confirm that Sarah and I did go on a handful of nights out together but it was NOT on a regular basis.

“Our so-called closeness lasted for about four months, after which her constant partying and self-admitting drug use grew very tiring. Sarah was clearly addicted to drugs, however I was not, and am not, a drug user.”

Referencing a photo published by The Sun, David adds: “Sarah often asked me to pose for silly pictures when I was drunk and there is a picture of me purportedly posing over what appears to be white powder on a table.


“I did not take any drugs on the night that picture was taken and am very disappointed that Sarah has lied. I merely (and in hindsight, very stupidly) posed for a fun picture at Sarah’s request. I was clearly intoxicated with alcohol in the picture and acted naively.

“Over time, I realised that being around a heavy drug user such as Sarah was not good for me and thought it best to end the friendship. However, it came to light she was under watch by Social Services (Sarah has two children), and although I wanted to end our friendship, I chose to remain in contact with her because I felt sorry for her and wanted to ensure her kids were OK.

“I often pleaded with her to stop taking drugs for the sake of her kids.

“When I began dating Kelly, out of respect to Kelly, I decided it was time to finally cut all contact with Sarah. Unfortunately, she didn’t respond well to this and blackmailed me.

“I was so afraid of her threats that I pandered to her and continued to stay friends with her purely out of fear.

“I did not cheat on Kelly what so ever, Kelly is my world and, other than my son, she’s the only person I’ve ever truly cared about in my life. Whilst with Kelly, my text exchanges with Sarah were few and far between and there was never anything inappropriate, firtatious or sexual in them.

“I’m absolutely devastated that Sarah’s lies have caused Kelly to end our engagement but am even more deeply upset that the woman I thought loved me and was literally my life would not stand by me.

“My conscience is clear.”


So…. There’s not even a dog involved?

Seems like you can’t trust any of the newspaper sources these days.

Who woulda thought it?

David later took to Twitter to thank followers for their support, writing: “I very much appreciate the support I have had from friends, family and the general public truly thankful for being heard out not judged”. 

Ethan Anderton

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