Davina McCall Says Alchohol Would Lead Her Back To Illegal Drugs

She managed to turn her life around when she was 25.

But Davina Mccall has admitted that she will never drink alcohol again because she knows it would lead to drugs because when she drinks she has ‘no will power’.

The 47-year-old mother-of-three opened up to the Guardian about her previous struggles with addiction and how she has learnt to control her demons.

She says how as a teenager she found using drugs the only way to control her insecurities.

“Drink and drugs helped me feel glacially cool. Drugs helped me stop feeling so insecure about what people thought about me. And I really cared what people thought.”

“So you do things to make people like you, and then sometimes end up being a bit like a performing dog.”

“And sometimes I’d end up playing the fool and then thinking afterwards, God, why did I do that? And that’s self-perpetuating, because then you hate yourself because you did something stupid.”

She says that after she took drugs:  “I can just be. I just felt, like, amazing.”

And the TV presenter says how she originally used party drugs however, by her 20s was using heroin.
“Heroin makes you forget everything, no problems, no worries, no anything,” she explained.

While she began smoking it once a week, it predictably spiraled until a family friend urged her to seek help.

It was at age 25 she managed to get clean and land a job at MTV however, in the process she also had to give up drinking:

“Alcohol just leads me to drugs, because my willpower completely goes out the window,” Davina explains.

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