Dawn O’Porter Shows Off MASSIVE Baby Bump With Husband Chris O’Dowd

We kind of knew that Dawn O’Porter and Chris O’Dowd were going to make mega fun parents when their way of announcing the pregnancy was by Dawn pouring a glass of water over her growing bump during the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fad.

And now the happy couple are continuing the hilarity with a series of festive, baby-related lolz.

First up was a shot of the gorgeous Dawn showing off her massive bump as she stood next to a rather apt road-marking… All whilst donning a rather fetching Christmas cracker hat, writing: “Christmas Day 2014!”

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the sun it’s because the duo live in the lovely and warm Los Angeles.

After taking the pic, Irish actor Chris obviously felt a bit left out, so opted to follow up by taking a selfie with his wife’s belly, and his son or daughter to be.

Too cute.

And we reckon that Dawn spoke for everyone when she captioned the pic with: “Chris’ shirt tho!”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, babes.

On top of the pics, it sounds as though if Chris has his way the baby lolz will continue all the way up until the little’un’s arrival, with the IT Crowd star promising to trump Robbie Williams after he live-vlogged his wife, Ayda’s labour.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain back in October, the 35 year-old quipped: “We’re going to do a similar thing but we’re going to shoot the whole thing in 3D, because when the baby is crying I want people to feel like it’s really coming at you.”

Although we are fairly certain that the funnyman is joking, something tells us that we shouldn’t put this kind of hilarity past him and his gorgeous wife, and if the size of Dawn’s bump is anything to go by, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait until we find out if Chris is a man of his word…

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