Dean Gaffney Tipped To Become Jean-Bernard Versini-Fernandez Lookalike

It’s the showbiz comeback we were all waiting for.

Dean Gaffney is planning a hot new career as a John-Bernard Fernandez-Versini lookalike.
Yep, you heard it here first, people.

Robbie Fowler reckons he is the spit of Cheryl’s husband and can make it big as his professional doppelganger.

Apparently, Dean has been ‘bombarded’ with messages remarking on the resemblance he bears to Cheryl’s better half.

His mate, actor-type Phillip Olivier even got in on the act commenting on Twitter how much he thinks Dean looks like the new Mr Chezza.

It’s unconfirmed whether he had downed 32842 tequila shots before he made his observation.

We aren’t making this up, FYI. This is actual stuff that has actually happened.

Loads of people have been saying that they think Dean is the spit of JB – and not just drunk or visually impaired people – actual people with actual eyes.

We’d love to see the resemblance ourselves however are struggling just a tad.

Dean Gaffney masquerading as Cheryl’s fit French playboy husband is like, so NOT going to happen.

Or is it?

‘Dean Gaffney IS Jean-Bernanrd Fernandez-Versini: available for all bahmitsvahs and christenings,’ we can see the poster already!

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