Did Meghan Markle hold her son Archie wrong during the baby’s first public outing?

A few days ago, Markle stepped out with baby Archie to watch Prince Harry play at a charity polo match. Kate Middleton was also present to support Prince William. She brought her three kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis along.

However, Markle made headlines for the way she carried her son. A number of netizens mom-shamed the duchess because according to them, she didn’t hold her baby right.

“Smother, I mean, Mother of the Year award goes to Meghan Markle! Archie looks so uncomfortable. Poor kid. Being used as a prop by her mother,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

“Is it just me or that’s NOT how you’re supposed to hold a newborn? I get anxious simply looking at these pictures. It’s sad that Meghan Markle seems so awkward and uncomfortable around her own son,” another online user wrote.  

Motherhood guru Lucy Shrimpton, The Sleep Nanny and parenting expert commented on the way Markle carried Archie and said that the duchess did it right. It was the “ideal” way to hold a baby.

“While parents will adopt their own styles of holding and comforting their babies in a range of ways, the way Meghan is pictured holding Archie is actually a commonly recommended hold,” Shrimpton said.

According to body language expert Judi James, Markle looked anxious while holding her baby compared to Middleton who looked happy and relaxed while playing with her children. Also, the two women didn’t talk to each other and were contented with the space between them as they keep themselves occupied with the kids.

“Meghan’s body language ranges from besotted motherhood as she cradles a much more serene baby Archie and smiles down at his face or kisses his head to some glances of what looks like anxiety as she appears to stand alone waiting for Harry,” James explained.

“Her sleeping baby appears to be her whole world here and in between some idealistic and very loving poses between the three of them she appears to be looking protective and slightly new-mother wary as she cradles Archie in a blanket.”

Did Meghan Markle Hold Archie Wrong? What Expert Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pictured presenting their newborn son, Archie Harrison mountbatten-Windsor, during a photocall in St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle on May 8, 2019 in Windsor, England. Photo: Dominic Lipinski-WPA Pool/Getty images