EastEnders: 16 Things Viewers Think Sharon Mitchell’s New Hair Looks Like

As well as being jam-packed full of drama, funerals, and, er, more drama, last night’s EastEnders episode also presented viewers with a curly twist – SHARON MITCHELL’S NEW HAIR.

Yep, Sharon decided to mix things up during the show and debuted a new super curly look that got people talking.

If you missed it, here’s what it looked like.

EastEnders: 16 Things Viewers Think Sharon Mitchell's New Hair Looks Like
By MazSight

However, while we thought it looked pretty nice, other viewers had other ideas, taking to Twitter to compare Sharon’s new ‘fro to a variety of things – from Wizard of Oz characters to super noodles.

Yes, super noodles. Have we mentioned how much we love Twitter before?

Even Claire Richards wasn’t too impressed by her new look:

Not sure, Claire. We’re not sure.

Here’s a whole list of things that viewers decided Sharon’s hair looked like. Because who was really watching all the actual drama going on, eh?

1. A judge

Vicky Pattison

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