EastEnders’ Danny Dyer Denies Cheating On Fiancee After Being Pictured Kissing A Fan

Danny Dyer has found himself in yet another spot of bother with the EastEnders star standing accused of cheating on his fiancée Joanne Mas, after a pic of him kissing a fan has emerged online. 

Oh Dannyboy, will you never learn?

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old star vowed to never cheat on his long-suffering childhood sweetheart again following their engagement, and it has now been said that the snap was purely a bit of harmless fun with a fan.

The lucky blonde, Michelle McLardie, came forward to defend the actor’s honour, sharing: “We had a quick kiss for the camera, but nothing happened.

“I wasn’t just with him, the whole EastEnders crew were there.”

Well, nothing says ‘romance-killer’ like an entire crew of people, eh? 

Something tells us that Danny is innocent in this particular situation. 

A spokesperson for the BBC soap opera also rubbished claims that Danny had done anything wrong, saying: “One eager fan pursued him for a picture but he did no more than treat her to an innocent peck.”

Meanwhile, a source added to The Sun newspaper: “Michelle made a bit of a beeline for him and they ended up chatting and getting on really well for ages.

“She and a friend ended up being invited to the hotel for a party. She put it all over her Facebook – she’s a bit of a party animal.”

Danny has become a little bit renowned for his past naughtiness, and has previously confessed to cheating on Joanne, who he has three children with, but announced that he definitely won’t be doing the dirty again, admitting: “I thought the grass was greener, but the grass was horrible.

“I don’t want to go there again.”

Sounds like it’s for the best, babes.

After all, with all of the dramz that his onscreen character, Mick Carter, has endured over the past year, the last thing that Danny needs is for his real life to be just as scandalous… Right?

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