EastEnders’ Danny Dyer In Trouble After Daughter Claims He Pulls ‘Sickies’ And Bunks Off Work

You know that old saying? ‘Never work with children or animals‘? Well, unfortunately for Danny Dyer he didn’t have the old adage at the forefront of his mind, when he allowed his daughter to ‘propahleee laaaand ‘im roight innit’ – as they would say down Albert Square.

Danny and his daughter Sunnie were appearing for the taping of ‘Big Star Little Star’ on ITV this week, when host Stephen Mulhern asked Sunnie what her daddy’s biggest secret was.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything to do with the the whereabouts of Dean Wicks (seriously, where is he?!) – no, Sunnie decided to reveal an actual REAL LIFE secret: that Danny pulls sickies from wotk all the time.


According to the boys and girls at The Sun, Sunnie said: “Dad calls into work saying he can’t come in because he’s helping Mummy. But he just lays around on the sofa all day.”

Aren’t kids the cutest, hmm? You can just imagine much internalised swearing Danny was doing that very second his little ray of sunshine let the cat out of the bag.

He later admitted that he had some SLIGHT regrets about being on the game show after that: “I’m in trouble now. I hope he [Executive Producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins] is not watching.”

“I knew I should never have done this show.”

Well fear not, Danny, it seems that your job is safe (for now).

An EastEnders spokeswoman told the paper that: “Danny is always a consummate professional on and off set and we’ve never had any issues with his attendance.”

Lucky escape, eh pal?

Danny shares chatterbox Sunnie as well as daughter Danni and son Arty with his fiancée, Jo – who he’ll be marrying later on this year. And it’s sounding as though the big day will be a traditional Albert Square knees up, although hopefully with less murder, as Danny plans to invite several of his co-stars and celebrity friends from the past and present to the do next summer.

Here’s hoping that Sunnie won’t be making any speeches – who knows what else she’ll land Danny in for.

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